Beautiful Dreamers / by Kate Tupper

On Aril 30th, we set out to raise money for my public sculpture project, ‘Looking Aft,’ by creating the event that we, ourselves, would like to attend. Very quickly, it realized a greater purpose and became a vehicle to make Art of all shapes, genres and sizes more accessible for the people of Nakusp and beyond.

Art has a very weird currency at Art Party. We are openly operating on an exploitation system. Exploit many artists (they share their work for free) and the public (we take their money) in order to fund the projects we want to see. Many talented artists may not have the schooling, writing skills, or experience to solidify their project dreams through grants. Now the major art funders don’t get to be the only ones making decisions about what we experience as Art on a daily basis in Nakusp. 

In my artist statement for ‘Looking Aft,’ I reference teamwork. It has taken a lot of teamwork to keep pushing this project. Now that we have tied up an event and your experiences to it, you are part of that team.

You can’t throw an Art Party by yourself; there are too many facets to a great event. The power to create, and the impact it has, grows with the variety of strengths, opinions, and experiences of those involved. I could not have made this idea a reality without these Beautiful Dreamers. Women who say “this is how we can do it” not “ here’s why that won’t work” - Jackie Phillipson, Autumn Grossutti, Ali Raskob, Kish Peterson, Cassia Parent, and Christa Rebman, your skills, support, and laughter go a long way towards changing the face of our little village. Art equals Culture equals Tourism equals Money. Our town can only benefit from a raised awareness and a new approach to the Arts.

The ladies who built Art Party and friends

The ladies who built Art Party and friends

Everyone that helped build Art Party, by contributions and/or presence, now has a hand in the public art we want to give to you. It’s a gifting circle. We have an Art Party … you bring us your money … we melt your brains. We take that money, commission an artist and pay them properly to produce a work for the public that melts your brains. We have an Art Party, you bring us your money ….  We can fundraise by supporting, exploiting, encouraging, and celebrating our artists, and now the public is funding public art in Nakusp. 

So, when you finally see ‘Looking Aft,’ remember that it was built from many friends, so many hands, with love, loving it, for you.