Good Bye Art Party / by Kate Tupper



Nakusp Art Party! What a success! Over the last few years, we’ve brought together many friends to create something for this village that was beyond our wildest dreams.  We didn’t even think we’d make any money at the first one, and ended up with aprons and ziplocks full of cash stuffed and hidden in strange places. Nakusp was thirsty for art, and for a party, let’s be honest. When I dreamt up Art Party and pitched it to my friends, my premise on its including all the arts was this: we don’t have a lot of artists in town so we can’t specialize, and I wanted something that anyone who enjoyed art and partying could come out to and support the cause, which was to raise funds for my sculpture, Looking Aft, which now sits on the M.V. Columbia. Thank you to everyone who contributed to that project and party. What amazing support you receive as an artist in a small community. 

We couldn’t believe the success, and our town was so connected and affected by it that someone suggested we do two Art Parties a year, and that happened. Somewhere along the way, I lost the plot.  I was supposed to be building sculpture, but I was somehow volunteering way too many hours to a fundraiser, albeit one that I was passionate about. I tried to do everything for everyone, but I wasn’t strong enough.  I resented the party for stealing time from my practice and my family. Eventually, I overworked myself into a breakdown. 

As you can imagine, throwing an art party is a ton of work. It has been executed four times, now, by a solid group of friends who believe in the idea and foundations of it - an excellent varied, original, arts experience - a great party for our community, with raised funds going to public arts events in the Nakusp area. I hope to continue to show work as I produce it to trial in our town before it leaves for other locations. Other than that, I have to personally step out of Art Party to continue on my journey of sculpture. Over the last two years, the small idea I had about an art party was developed by many contributors and became a thing much larger than Nakusp could have imagined.You’ve all been begging for another Art Party and these good people are committed to bringing it to you. A wise lady once told me, “You can bake the cake and let someone else ice it.” 

Spark Tart out.